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let’s face it, i’m never going to finish this for real.


let’s face it, i’m never going to finish this for real.

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Opinions on ‘Easy Target’ Characters

I’m sick of it. Have you ever noticed that in nearly every (if not every) show there’s one of these? A character that is the butt of almost all, if not all, jokes? The ones who say a line and it’s immediately laughed at or followed by a laugh track? When normally whatever it was they said would need to be seriously taken into account? For instance, I love the show Victorious. But the way the character Robbie (a ‘socially awkward nerd’ character) is treated raises warning signs in my head. Yesterday my little sister and I were watching one of the episodes, and at one point the dialogue goes like this:

Robbie: I’ll have my mom give me a ride!

Tori: I thought your mom move out.


It was immediately followed by a laugh track, and my little sister laughed too. But that really disturbed me. Do you have any idea how much emotional and mental pressure is put on someone in that kind of situation? Especially a teenager? That tells me that his mother was going to abandon him, but decided to come back, and told him that if he screwed up again, then she would leave. And it would have been his fault. Because he’s ‘strange.’

Or, how about another example? Inuyasha, from the anime, ‘Inuyasha.’ He’s actually the main male protagonist. A dog demon who is rude, gruff, arrogant, and physical. In the beginning, the main female protagonist Kagome is given a necklace to put on him in order to protect both herself and innocents that he could potentially attack, in order to gain ‘sacred jewel shards,’ which when whole, can grant a wish. The necklace is activated with her command of ‘sit.’ When the command is activated, the necklace immediately plunges him head first into the ground. HARD. And at first, I was fine with it. His impulsive acts to ‘kill first, ask later’ needed to be curbed. And in later episodes when he was unable to keep control of himself, they definitely came in handy. My problem with it was when she used it because he insulted her. Like ‘your cooking is terrible’ insulted. Rude? Yes. Incredibly. However, not a big deal. And I’ve heard some of my friends go ‘well, she had to train him!’ Like he’s not a person, with a right to his opinions. But the problem is, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE SOMEONE IS, UNLESS THEY ARE TRYING TO HARM YOU, YOU DO NOT EVER GET TO PHYSICALLY HARM THEM. And yes, he does make the ‘Well you’re a girl! You can’t…’ a lot in the show. However, that’s the time period that they’re set in. And most human females, unless specifically trained, can’t. Because that’s just how that time period worked. And we all know that if the roles were different for the show, and Kagome was the one in the necklace, then there would have been an outcry of ‘why is she being sat like a pet? Because she’s a girl that has an opinion?’ and the only reason there would’ve been an outcry, would be because ‘she’s a girl.’

The last one is Usagi. From Sailor Moon. Or Serena as she’s known here. I adore Sailor Moon. It’s one of my favorite manga of all time. But it has a TON of problems. Mainly her relationship with Mamoru (Darrien), but that’s for a different time. It’s established that Usagi is lazy and ditzy. But how it’s handled by others around her bothers me. In the first chapter, Usagi has failed a test (again) because she spent her time playing video games instead. Her mother sees her low score, locks her out of the house, and tells her to go to the library. Her younger brother comes home, sees that she’s locked out, remarks on how this has happened before (seriously?!), and then wishes that he had a smarter sister. He is let into the house, but not Usagi. She’s left outside, for only a few minutes, granted, but is only let back in because she was crying so loudly. Cue laugh track. And I’m left to wonder: ‘why was this scene needed?’ It didn’t have any impact on the plot, and it didn’t teach Usagi anything. She was only outside for a small amount of time (in which she never left the front porch), and after being let back in, she goes back to her old habits, and takes a nap instead of studying. Her mother apparently yells at her about getting tutoring, but if it’s such a problem, them just pick one out, and make her go. Or stop giving her allowance to go out and spend instead of doing her homework. Or ground her. Or get her tested for ADD or ADHD. Or do anything that doesn’t involve humiliating her. Rei (Raye) and Luna aren’t much better either. They’re constantly remarking on how their princess is ‘lazy’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘useless.’

I’m just saying that the ‘easy targeting’ for laughs shouldn’t happen. These shows, books, games, etc. that this usually happens in aren’t dark comedies. Often they’re for kids. The misery of other people isn’t a game. It isn’t funny. And we shouldn’t be laughing at it. Or teaching kids to laugh at the ‘weirdos’ or the ones that are ‘different.’ 

Opinons on Nell Jones

I don’t really care for Nell from NCIS:LA. It has nothing to do with the actress, it has to do with the character. I don’t understand why she’s there other than being a love interest and a replacement for Nate. I honestly just see her as a female Eric, that he can flirt with and eventually date. There isn’t much of a separate personality. Yeah, she’s quirky, but so is Eric. The guy that uses surf lingo sometimes, uses alternate objects for mobilization, duck whistles, etc. What about her being geeky. Eric is the same. He plays video games on the systems, and makes references. Intellegent? Well, they’re all intellegent. My problem with her is that she doesn’t bring anything special. Nothing that makes her needed. Nothing that makes me go ‘the others are better off with her. Her unique skills helps them out a lot.’ Because when it comes down to it, she’s not really a character. She’s a ‘chipette.’ A ‘Minnie Mouse.’ A female version of a male character who’s only there for romance. And I have no problem with romance. I have a problem with crappy characters and the people that tell me that I have to like them.

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It really is totally unrealistic that Blaine and Rachel are so successful and Kurt’s not, because what Blaine and Rachel have to offer is a dime a dozen. There are literally hundreds of young sopranos and (alleged) tenors out there who are at least equal to Blainchel in terms of…

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This episode of Glee was a lesson in Shit I Do Not Give A Flying Fuck About, Thank You Writers For Nothing Because The Best Part Of The Episode Was Santana Walking Out Of The Cab Like She’s Hot Shit and Getting Startled By The Pigeon. 

Seriously, I laughed for days.

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Anonymous asked: STEREK PROMPT: could u write a fic on deputy Parrish flirting with stiles and derek gets jealous?


So sorry this took so long!! Hope you enjoy, anon :)

The red and blue lights start flashing when they’re careening down a back road and there’s a band of rabid fairies somewhere behind them and Derek is bleeding in the passenger seat. 

"Fuck," Stiles says. 

"Keep driving," Derek grits out, which is pretty much the worst idea ever and definitely a thing that Stiles will not be doing. 


"Stiles!" Derek snaps as he starts to slow down. "Keep. Driving."

"We are not getting arrested tonight," he hisses, eyes flicking to the rear view mirror again. "Shut up and look innocent."

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And you’ll find out she obviously has crappy taste, to pick Blaine over Kurt.

Kurt is willing to share his opportunities, but Blaine doesn’t. How is that fair. Kurt wants stardom and a  career as well. Blaine is just selfish and once again steals from Kurt. Couldn’t Blaine have said he and Kurt are a team, then maybe someone else might have given Kurt an opportunity. But of course Blaine can’t have that, because he doesn’t know how to share and does not want to.

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Blaine is the reason I stopped watching Glee.


Blaine is the reason I stopped watching Glee.

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Blaine is such an manipulative little asshole. He’s really trying to make Kurt feel bad about being strong and independent? He just wants Kurt’s confidence to get hit over and over like it did in high school so that Kurt will see him as his hero and will eventually get hurt too many times, becoming too scared to ever leave Blaine’s side. Blaine wants a agoraphobic house wife. Do people realize that these are characteristics of a domineering and abusive person?

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